advance php

Metro Mentors whose business is effective training of our students and their satisfaction in terms of their career; we have released “PHP Framework” training for Freshers/College Students/Professionals (IT or Non-IT) to serve the needs of dynamic IT companies. We also offer professional real time projects for students in their final semester.

PHP Framework (PHP: Hypertext Processor) is HTML embedded language used for website designing and development. It is used for creating pages, picture galleries and forums and is also used for creating username and password for login page. It is popularly used for enhancing shallow web pages.

It can be composed with HTML or with other engines and web frameworks. In order to create interesting and eye-catching web pages developers commonly use PHP language.

Key Features of advance php Training in Metro Mentors

  • It’s an open source web language, and it’s free.
  • The syntax of C+/Java language is quite similar to PHP, Thus learning PHP is simple.
  • The syntax of PHP is logical and the command functions are simple to learn and understand.
  • It is very flexible language and powerful and mostly used for dynamic web pages.
  • It doesn’t put any burden on servers as it uses its own inbuilt memory.