sap crm

SAP CRM is one of the best tools provided by SAP and supports customer related process end to end. The main concept of SAP CRM is managing and maintaining relationship with customers by firms. It deals with acquisition of customer and to its final termination.

Key Features of sap crm Training in Metro Mentors

The course design of our training company in Noida is prepared in such a way that it not only gives students theoretical knowledge but also gives student a practical hand at it.  Our focus since inception has been on making the student adopt a practical hand on and problem-solving approach. We at Metro Mentors don’t make students into just professionals, we make them leaders in their field. Our trainers are industry professionals and they make sure to give the students an overview of an industry insider. They guide and motivate the student to become their best self.

We at Metro Mentors give live-project trainings to ensure the students development so that student can face all the problems that may come in the industry.

The course begins with a basic introduction and slowly dwells into creating a solid foundation for a successful career. Once the student is well equipped with the fundamentals, we give them a hand at practical hands on experience with live problems. The theory and practical training then goes hand in hand with regular tests to keep a check on the progress. We believe that practice makes perfect so we provide unlimited practice time with the regular classes.

Other than these,

Metro Mentors salient features are;

  • 24X7 Server excess
  • Project based training
  • Regular doubt sessions are held.
  • 100% full placement assistance with the offered course


Course Structure

ERP – CRM (Functional)

  • CRM Concepts
  • Organization Model
  • Territory Management
  • Product Master
  • Basic functions
  • Data Flow
  • Marketing Management
  • Lead Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Service: Service organization
  • CRM Contact Channels

Detailed Course

ERP – CRM (Functional)

  • Introduction
  • Introduction on ERP
  • Introduction on SAP
  • Introduction on CRM

CRM Concepts

  • CRM Business Partners
  • Creation of BP (Business partners) on Category
  • Basic Settings (Field grouping, No range etc.)
  • BP Grouping
  • BP Relationships
  • Visual Configuration Tools

Organization Model

  • OM Concepts
  • CRM Organizational Model
  • Organizational Data Determination

Territory Management

  • Territory Management
  • Hierarchy Levels, Hierarchy ID
  • Assigning employee to Hierarchy

Product Master

  • Product types
  • Creation of Hierarchies and Categories
  • Creation of Attributes, Set types
  • Activity Management
  • Business Activities /Task
  • Activity monitor

Basic functions

  • Partner Processing
  • Access sequence
  • Partner determination procedure
  • Sales Transaction
  • Enquiries & Quotations
  • Sales Order
  • Customizing Sales Transactions
  • Sales Order scenario in CRM & R/3

Data Flow

  • Data Flow in Business Transactions
  • Copy Control
  • Item category determination

Marketing Management

  • Marketing plan Campaign management
  • B P Segmentation
  • Define Marketing Attributes and Attribute Sets
  • Create Data and Sample Source
  • Profile Set Details
  • Product Proposal
  • Personalized Mail forms
  • External List Management
  • Allocation Planning
  • Assigning Target group to channel
  • Campaign Execution

Lead Management

  • Questionnaire/Evaluation for leads
  • Qualification level for leads
  • Origin, Priority, Group

Sales Opportunity Management

  • Customizing Opportunities
  • Sales cycle, Phases
  • Origin, Group, Priority

Service: Service organization

  • Service cycle
  • Service Order
  • Service Confirmation
  • Complaints and Returns
  • Warranty management

CRM Contact Channels

  • CIC (Customer Interaction Center)
  • Frame work & Title Hidden Components,
  • Visible Components
  • Action Box settings, Remainder scripting
  • Interactive scripting
  • ASAP Methodology
  • System Landscape
  • Middleware and Updates
  • Version updates
  • Features & Advantages
  • Screen changes