Live Project Training
Live project is the phase when you finally implement most of the things that you have learnt
during your software training. What is taught in the theory classes of IT training may not be
methodically followed during the live projects. You need to deliver output to your clients of PHP
/ MySQL, .NET or any other technology in a faster and smarter way with accuracy. So, you
have to learn tricks to produce bulk output on time maintaining the right design quality or coding
standard. That is the significance of live training.
We METRO MENTORS believe in the same. You will be given idea about how clients look at
various projects and how to make an application or design the way a client wants it.
Additionally, students will be taught basics of project management, project planning and project
execution such that they can understand every developer and designers role in completing a live
project. Ourproject manager will support each time to student offline aswell as online.Apart from
this, these services are imparted using the advanced technology in such a way to provides utmost
efficiency, reliability and promptness. These services are rendered in complete conformity with
the international qualitystandard.
Live Project Training gives you below advantages:
 1. Industry Readiness
 2. Hands on Experience on Real Time Projects
 3. Exposure to SDLS (Software Development Life Cycle)
 4. Exposure to Industry Trends
 5. Increase Chances to Get Job